List of Accomplishments since 2016

1.     Complete overhaul of office website and office logo.
2.     Led office team in adopting our four points of commitment to the citizens of Lake County.  Those points are: Voter Confidence, Excellent Customer Service, Accurate and Efficient Elections, and Responsible Financial Stewardship.
3.     Established Vote in Honor of a Veteran program and installed our Veterans Wall of Honor.
4.     Initiated office policy handbook.
5.     Initiated Community outreach program and monthly newsletter.
6.     Installed electronic poll books.
7.     Initiated ballot on demand process for early voting.  Saved thousands of dollars in wasted ballots. Eliminates issuing wrong ballots at early voting sites.
8.     Led implementation of the professional development program for employees.  Completion of the 30-course curriculum leads to each employee's earning the designation of, Master, Florida Certified Election Professional.  Presently 11 employees, including Alan, have earned that certification by completing all 30 courses.
9.     Secured new office space allowing consolidation of warehouse operations and administrative operations under same roof.  Greatly improved efficiency of operation.
10.Oversaw addition of more than 60,000 new voter registrations since 2016.
11.Oversaw addition of staff and equipment to handle added voters.
12.Led purchase of 13 acres of land to build the necessary office space needed by our office to meet the current and upcoming demands for service.
13.Revised entire precinct numbering system at same time we drew new precinct lines to comply with the Congressional and Legislative redistricting done by the legislature in 2021.
14. Improved office operations by delegating authority and supervisory responsibilities to selected senior employees.
15. Oversaw enhancement of physical security and cybersecurity of facilities and operations.
16. Led in the segregation of all cyber activities into separate “silos” of protection.
17. Made sure no tabulation system parts utilize nor have any contact with the internet.
18. Led updating equipment to comply with federal Americans with Disabilities Act before 2020.
19. Revised election worker training program.  Instituted smaller class sizes.  Incorporated some online learning for the workers making it more convenient for them and allowing frequent review as each worker may desire.
20. Oversaw complete overhaul and enhancement of the Vote By Mail system.  Voters may now choose to track their ballots from the time they request one through the process of tabulation.  Voters with issues relating to mis-matched signatures will be notified immediately now instead of having to wait on a letter to reach them.
21. Vote By Mail system now examines every single signature on each returned envelope and compares that signature with the signature on file in that voter’s record.
22. Installed a new tabulation system that is completely independent from the original tabulation system.  This gives us an instant audit of 100% of the races in each election instead of having to wait on the hand counting of one precinct several days after the election.
23.  Tours of our office and warehouse have been available to the public each Tuesday and Thursday for the last 4 years.
24.  Initiated new processes that were directed by legislative action so we will continue to be 100% compliant with all election laws and rules, both Federal and State.
25.  Returned to the Board of County Commissioners unused budget funds after each fiscal year.  Nearly $3 million total returned so far.

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